I Think You Should Flee Director Tracy Ann Lisa Williams Talks Things She's Learned Filming

Actress Tracy Ann Lisa Williams's directorial debut I Think You Should Flee horror film launched on Kickstarter on April 28th.

The I Think You Should Flee horror film campaign was launched on Kickstarter with actress Tracy Ann Lisa Williams as a debuting director. She shares some things she has learned while filming she wants every new film maker to know, like; “Start your day earlier than normal when you’re filming especially you’re first feature length film, because everything that can go wrong probably will, and usually does go wrong on day one,” Tracy says, she adds, “also don’t get carried away by too many small details.”

I Think You Should Flee horror film is on Kickstarter in just over its first week yet has drawn over $2000 in pledges.

"The project needs a boost," and that's why she and her team turned to Kickstarter, "To get the word out, thankfully I have hardworking people around that helped this project come to life, we really want this story to be told," she says.

Tracy Ann Lisa Williams, Director

Tracy hopes that the film will be funded, she says, “At a time when the ‘arts’ are struggling with grants and loans are difficult to get, new filmmakers have a tough time getting backers and investors.”

I Think You Should Flee is a horror film about some friends who want to celebrate graduating college according to the Kickstarter page.  They find a killer trunk that supposedly has something gruesome in it. We aren’t sure what but it’s supposed to be really evil. You can visit the Kickstarter page at:


As one of the only campaigns around with $1 pledges left according to Tracy, she hopes that will help people who want to be a part of a film, be able to contribute in some way. Pledges range from $1, $5, $20, $99 and up. If you’re feeling generous there are pledges above $300.

Tracy owns her small independent film company Ale Ben Aba Films based in Antelope Valley California. For questions about this article or the project please submit your queries to:


Email: abatalmanagement@gmail.com

Phone: 661-941-6564

Mailing: 829 W Palmdale Blvd #74, Palmdale CA 93551


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